Staging Your Property

Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale

In most locations, the number of homes available is high so you need to make sure your home shows at it's optimum.  My goal is to have your home make a positive impression on a buyer from the beginning. This is accomplished through various methods and one of the most important methods is STAGING. While every home is unique, there are some ways in which we can make your home stand out above the others. When I first see your property, I will make recommendations on what can be done before the property goes on the market. Sometimes, it is a professional cleaning or, perhaps, rearranging or removal of some furniture items. It is amazing how a few well placed items can make a big difference in the "wow factor" of your home.  I have contacts in almost every field to help us prepare the property for sale.    If the property is vacant, I draw from my inventory of colorful accents and accessories to achieve a special pop of color. I carefully evaluate what might be needed to appeal to the broadest range of Buyers. In summary, if your home is staged to it's maximum showing potential (and priced right), it has a better chance of selling than a home that is not staged. Do you want to find out more? I can be contacted at any time by calling 480-251-5914 or emailing to Thank you!